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Keeping in Touch With New England

fall photography
New England

Nubanusit Brook in Peterborough, New Hampshire

I have to keep reminding myself that in many areas of the country summer is almost over. September brings fall colors to my old home town and the New England area, but I am not there. I find myself missing all the things I knew I would miss. I miss the fresh air, cool breezes, cool anything. I sit in front of a fan, in an air-conditioned house to find my cool air these days.

I miss the quietness of my front yard. I’d sit under the big oak out front and just drink in the peace. I knew that not everywhere was that nice, and I sooooo appreciated every minute of the five years I had it to enjoy.

foliage season

Foliage Season

I miss my gardens and wonder how my hydrangeas are doing. They would be blooming by now, and in fact my elderly neighbor in the north has told me how lovely the white flowers by the front door look. Those would be the Limelight variety. They always grow long branches with big heavy flowers. The Pinky Winky hydrangea was one of my favorites and I hope the buyers of my home are appreciating their loveliness.

I miss sleeping with the window open, and snuggling up under my blankets. I used to sleep so well. I miss my big kitchen and my little back deck. I miss all that storage space in my basement! No more basements. Florida homes don’t have them. That’s a whole floor full of space that is just gone! So I’ve had to downsize. Nothing wrong with that. I have way too much stuff anyway.

Fall is coming and I won’t be there to see the colors. I won’t crunch in the fallen leaves or see the tour busses pull into the shopping center so flatlanders can get their photos. I won’t be pulling on a jacket any time soon, and I certainly won’t be raking leaves. That part of my old life I won’t miss. I loved my trees, but boy did I have some autumn raking to do.

But what I really miss is something I’ve never had at all. A peaceful, normal life where I am not constantly moving or thinking about moving. A life where I can think about living and doing things that normal people do. I will be moving out of this rental and into a new place soon. There are no vegetable gardens there, so I will start from scratch once again. It seems that life will always be difficult and full of strife, but I never count on anything. I have no idea what lies ahead.

I’ll always miss fall in New England, but I knew I would.


Saying Good-Bye to New England


Saying Good-bye to New England

I grew up in New England.  I moved back for eleven years, and recently I moved away again.  I started this blog to share my adventures in the northeastern US, but alas, I didn’t have many fun adventures.

I moved 5 times, and dealt with a lot of unexpected difficulties during my time in the north.  I only stayed as long as I did to see my son graduate from high school.

The truth was that I was too poor to do much of anything while I lived in New Hampshire.  I could hike – which is free – but I had no friends living near me.  My daughter and I used to hike, but then she got sick.  (She is better now.)  She also works a regular, full-time job, like many people, and was busy on her days off.  I don’t like to hike alone.

Picking blueberries along Gregg Lake was also one of my yearly traditions.  I moved too soon to enjoy that this year.

I work from home, so my hours are flexible, but there was little reason to take time off.  I would have loved to vacation on a lake each summer and have the kids join me.  We did that once in the 11 years and it was wonderful.

I love New England, but it has become a place for the wealthy to live.  Or at least the ones who are wealthier than me.  I certainly enjoyed my summer gardening and the fresh, clean air that is always available.  But I did not appreciate the unpredictable winters and heating oil bills.  Taking care of a house all by myself had become quite a chore as well.

When things are not working, they must change.  So I made the change.  I no longer live in my beloved northeast, so writing a blog about the area makes little sense.  Now it’s time to get back to living life instead of watching everyone else live it.

My focus will now be on my Florida blog: Seashells by Millhill.  Pop on over there if you care to read more of my posts.

Trying New Things

iphone, technology, smartphone

It’s All at Our Fingertips

I now have an iPhone.  It’s pretty easy to use since I’ve had a Mac desktop computer for a year now.  I’m not exactly young, and all this technology stuff will always feel foreign to me, I’m afraid.  If you are over 50 you know what I mean.

Although I work online, and can understand the online world much better than I did a few years ago, it will never feel exactly right to me.

As a young person I would have loved to have all this access to information.  I appreciate it now too, but back when I was a kid, if our parents, siblings, friends, books, or television didn’t explain it, we simple didn’t know it.  Whatever ‘it’ was.  Now everything is just a search away.

Because of my need to work, and the fact that I sort of stumbled into my online job, I have had to learn how to promote and interact online.  I tweet, use Pinterest and have a FaceBook store page.  And I love being able to earn a living from my home office.

And now I am on Instagram.  It’s one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade from my old flip phone.  I wanted the ability to take photos at any time, which I can do with my new phone, and share them. Read more…


Icy Snow Covering Everything Today

snowstorm mailbox

Snow covering the icy ground this morning.  Just another day during a New England winter.

Winter can be beautiful, and I love seeing the snow.  Life in the north can be tough, and especially so for an older woman without a man to help out.  I’m capable of shoveling the deck and entryways.  I lug wood and build a fire in the wood stove.  And I run the snowblower and shovel out the mailbox.  I even feed the birds and sometimes make my own suet for them.  That means shoveling a path through the backyard to get to the feeders.

But the things that are most difficult for me are the problems that arise that I can’t fix, like when there is too much snow on the roof, or the driveway is all ice and we can’t get the car out.  It’s hard for me to buy sand because it’s too heavy for me to move.  Or when snowstorms cover the mailbox with heavy cement-like snow that I simply can’t lift with the shovel.

As my son has gotten older he can help more.  He’s not happy about it, and he is away at school all day of course, but I do have that.

Here’s the thing; I am only getting older and I have no one to turn to for help.  I hire the help when I can’t handle things, but I don’t have much money for that either.

Living in New England can be beautiful, but for me, the work and worry overshadows the beauty most of the time.


Time to Try New Blogging Techniques

blogging, writing,

Making Time to Blog

There comes a time when I say to myself; either do it or don’t.  Decide already and move on!  It’s been that way with blogging for a while now for me.  My online business keeps me very busy, and since it’s my bread and butter, I am disciplined and do it every day.  I even work weekends, so I have no problem with the design part of my business.  That is because I enjoy it, mostly.  I never run out of ideas for designs to try on various products I sell.  But that is the easy part of my business.  Promotion is a big part, and that means writing, as in blogging.

Often I will enjoy writing.  When an idea is born and takes flight, I can write and write.  Too bad most of those ideas come in the middle of the night when I know I will forget them by morning.  However, I now have a new iPhone, and as I’m learning how to take advantage of it’s apps, I see that I can “speak” a message.  How about telling my phone, using the notes app, about my great ideas?  No pen and paper and lights on in the night required.  Just my groggy voice speaking my idea into the phone.  (I knew I needed an iPhone!)

After reading The Daily Post article on blogging “Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions” I was inspired to make some changes in my attitude about blogging.  It doesn’t’ matter that I don’t plan to do exactly what the writer suggested, reading the article was enough to make me realize that I need to do something productive.  And as it goes with my design work, the end product will probably be a lot different than I visualize in the beginning.  My new attitude is positive!

My excuses for not blogging range from no time, to no inspiration.  I don’t write because I feel like it will fall flat.  What is the point of writing something that is horribly boring and dull.  Who wants to read that?  So here is my solution.  Although I realize that a good, long post is what helps in the rankings, not every post needs to be a masterpiece (according to my scale).  I love photos, and when the weather is good I tend to take a lot of photos myself.  It’s easy and fun to share photos, whether they are my own or borrowed from a public domain site, like Pixabay.  A short post with a nice photo can fill in the gaps between my big stories.

So there you have it.  These are just a couple of new ideas I plan to follow going forward.  This is not my only blog, so I will have to do it times 5, but I am hopeful that the days to follow will bring better posts.  And with that, I will be a more focused blogger.