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Return to My Roots in New England


This is where I live.

Well, not exactly. This is farmland just outside of the capital of Concord, NH. I think it makes a beautiful postcard invitation for a summer barbecue or party. I’ve already sold quite a few of them.

And it’s the perfect invitation to you to read my New England blog!

Summer Party Invitation postcard 

I grew up in Massachusetts and I believe that wherever you start out in life it will always be your real home.

I loved Florida when I first moved there in the late 70’s and I enjoyed life in the sunshine for about the next 10 years and then the place began to grow like crazy. Suddenly little back roads were 4 lane speedways and traffic on I-4 was a nightmare…always! Even vacations in the Keys or Sanibel meant crowds of people. I don’t like crowds.

We considered moving to various places when we decided to get out of Florida. The Carolinas are beautiful and we considered a move there, but we had family in the northeast and it just made sense to get back to them. Besides, it seemed that most people who left Florida for a better way of life went to the Carolinas and I predict that the Carolinas will be come the next “Florida” soon. Over crowded with families who are tired of Florida’s crime and heat. I hope not.

Then we considered Vermont. But, although it’s beautiful, there is nothing there. Unless we lived near their only big city of Burlington, in the far northern corner, our prospects for jobs would be dim.

We even considered going back to Massachusetts…only for a minute. The dollar doesn’t buy much there and the taxes will kill you. And it had become far more crowded than when I was a kid.

Ahhhh moving…it’s such a pain in the neck.

We settled on New Hampshire and, except for the southern most areas, it’s a beautiful state.

What I’ve noticed since coming back to the north is the lack of crime compared to Florida. I can go to the store and leave my car unlocked and the windows down! Unheard of in central Florida. In fact one day-in Florida- while we were all in church someone went through the parking lot and helped themselves to items in the cars there. Stuff like that was a regular occurrence.

I wouldn’t let my kids leave the yard or road in front of the house down there, and here my son rides his bike all over. Schools don’t have locked gates and guard shacks at the entrances and I never hear of teachers being sued for something stupid. The pay scale is much higher here and the quality of life can’t be beat. I love the northeast.

I was a little worried about the winters. Having lived in sunshine and heat without the need for snow shovels for over 25 years, made me a bit wary about the thoughts of icy roads and cold houses. Plus the northern relatives and their constant whining about the winters didn’t help.
But I’ve been here for 4 winters and except for the unfortunate slip on the ice that caused me to get some stitches in my head, I really love the winter.

I’ve missed the quietness that the snow brings and I think it’s so cool to see through the bare trees to places that aren’t visible in summer. I enjoy snowshoeing and seeing the tracks of wild animals in the snow and ice. (See below). I feed the birds and do counts for Project Feeder Watch and I don’t mind the shoveling of snow….and we’ve had some snow!

I am happy to be living in the mountains of New Hampshire and I’ve come from a place less idyllic so I am able to fully appreciate what I have. Just watch out for that black ice.

Frozen Deer Tracks

Frozen Deer Tracks

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