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My New England Autumn Calendar


I know that it is summer and I shouldn’t be thinking about Fall. Summer only lasts about 3 months up here in the northeast and I suppose that most people don’t like being reminded of the Autumn days because that means that snow is right around the corner.
Although my son still has 2 weeks of school to go before summer break begins, (thanks to all the snow days used because of our horrendous ice storm this past winter), I am thinking Fall today.
The 2008 Fall in New Hampshire was just gorgeous and I got a lot of pretty good shots that were taken around the lake near my home, so I decided to create a new calendar. This one is an 18 month one, and it’s the first I’ve made in which I’ve had enough good photos to fill all pages and the front and back as well. I usually struggle to fill the 12 month ones because I always go back through the pages and talk myself out of the photos there. It takes me forever to approve my own work before I post it for sale.
Today, I didn’t have that trouble. I have so many great Autumn photographs that the building of this calendar went very smoothly.
Maybe I am prejudiced because the Fall is my favorite time of year, but this is a great calendar for anyone who loves the foliage season. It’s Autumn every month all year long. Heavenly.

New England Autumn 18 month Calendar calendar

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  1. 06/08/2009 7:01 am

    Very nice indeed. Definitely deserves 3 Booms!
    Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

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