My Online Job at Zazzle

I’ve been working online for almost two years now. Zazzle is a print on demand store and I use my own art and photography to create many various items such as the ones below.
Peace Signs Class Reunion postcardBlue Martini Invitation postcardCupcakes with Sprinkles card Conch and Daisy Party Invitationdf postcard
I create items, open a “store” and sell my products and receive a small percentage (whatever I choose) from all sales.

When I first began doing this, I had no computer experience. All I could manage to do was open and send e-mails and I had only been doing that for a couple of years. I’d had a digital camera for only a few years as well, but after looking around the site a bit, I thought why not? I needed a job and I needed money…So I jumped in and started making things.

pamdicar's Gallery Card profilecardFirst Birthday Sticker stickerChild's Artwork Magnet magnetGirlfriends, Sistas card
My first items weren’t very good. When I see my old products now (many of which I have deleted), I cringe. But the “Zazzle team” gave me some ribbons, called TBA’s (Today’s Best Award), and I thought that was cool.

Now that I know what I am doing -for the most part- and have five shops at the site, I never get awards. In fact my last TBA ribbon was one year ago. I get no attention from Zazzle, but what I really want is attention from my potential customers. And I’ve found that getting the word out about my stores is one of the most difficult things to do.
Little Butterfly Kids kedsshoePurple Hearts kedsshoeHamster Kids kedsshoePeach Hearts on Khaki kedsshoe
Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to my stores. I started this blog partially for that reason and also because I just like blogging. I’ve always kept a journal, and blogging kind of goes right along with that, except I can add photos too.

I have a section here for “Z Help” – tab at the top of this page – and it’s for any Zazzlers who might want a tip or advice. I will be posting links there to other helpful sites as well, and the Zazzle forum can sometimes be a source of good advice. Although the kind people who were constantly around to help me seem to have departed.
Lightning Whelk shirtSea Biscuit Sand Dollar mousepadRSVP Sepia Sand Dollar stampBlue Cockle Shells postcard

All in all I am happy working at Zazzle although they don’t seem to realize I exist. I feel that I am running my own business and sales are steadily increasing.  I am not financially independent…yet.

My online stores @ Zazzle

Narrow Road Designs, New England Photography
Beachcombers, all Seashells & Wedding
A New Name, Christian cards, Posters, Inspirational
DustySoles, Keds for Kids
PartyPrep, Party invitations in template form


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