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Roxy’s Walk


Since I no longer have a dog of my own, I sometimes take my neighbor’s black lab, Roxy, when I go for a walk.

The weather has been so nice and cool, that we’ve been able to enjoy being on the trails quite a bit this summer (once the dreaded black flies disappeared).

A nice walk

A nice walk

Roxy is always happy to go for a walk, like most dogs. She is very good and enjoys all the new smells and I feel like she would be helpful in keeping the bears away too! There have been quite a few sightings in my neighborhood and although I know that they are afraid of me, I would probably have a heart attack if I came across one on the road out in the middle of nowhere! So I feel less alone when Roxy accompanies me.

Chasing Chipmunks

Chasing Chipmunks

After we walked about a mile down this dirt road the day became much warmer and I was thinking that the dog must be thirsty, so we stopped at the lake. Roxy’s name is appropriate, since one of her favorite things to do is play with rocks! Even in the water she was searching for a rock to dig up.

Cooling off after the walk

Cooling off after the walk

I usually bring my camera, but it’s sometimes difficult to get a steady shot with the dog pulling on the leash. This was just about a perfect day weather wise, and I think she had fun too.

View from Craig Rd.

View from Craig Rd.

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