Hiking Pitcher Mountain

My son and I have a tradition of going to Pitcher Mountain to pick blueberries each August. The mountain is in Stoddard, NH and the hike to the top is quick and then the views from the 2163 ft. summit are gorgeous.

View from the top of Pitcher Mountain
View from the top of Pitcher Mountain

This is the first time I’ve seen these new wind towers.  Sorry my photo isn’t that good, but we counted 8 of them on the hillside in Lempster.  I’ve heard that they are loud, disrupt the flight patterns of birds, and other negative info.  I’ll have to become informed, but after reading about it, I don’t see how it will save me any money and I wouldn’t like these things popping up all over this beautiful state to ruin the views!

New Wind Towers
New Wind Towers

The top of the mountain is full of blueberry bushes and there is a fire tower in the middle of the rock outcropping. According to this site, New Hampshire has 17 active standing fire towers and others that are not used. If you want to know how to visit them click here.

Pitcher Mountain Fire Tower
Pitcher Mountain Fire Tower

Every year I say I’ll go back again and get more berries and then the time goes by and blueberry season has ended. But the mountain is still there, and we can always go for a hike and some new photos.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. flandrumhill says:

    What beautiful views!

    Someone put up one of those wind towers up in Cow Bay, It’s very loud and it looks awful on the landscape/seascape. I’m not impressed with it in the least.


    1. Well that is what I am thinking…who wants their view to include those monstrosities.


  2. Patrick says:

    But at some point we need to pick something other than coal, oil, or nuke for power. You gotta give for at least a while until power is completely clean (Solar?). And who knows if that’s possible. Can’t have it all.


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