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Christmas is Love


It’s easy to draw a snowman. Fast and fun.

Make him/her as simple or complicated as you please.
Like most of my art, the idea is just a snowman. And as I go I change and add to the idea.

It is drawn with pencil and pen. At some point I decided to make this one “invisible”. I can’t remember why. Then as I finished it seemed that he should be holding something…Hearts are always good. So the heart on a string was added.
At “Narrow Road” I added the text and turned my snowman art into a sticker for Christmas.
Christmas Love Snowman Sticker sticker

My most recent snow people card shows 3 snow people sharing a scarf and watching the night sky as a shooting star passes by.
There are 3 of us now at my house and it seemed right to add this art to the front of my Christmas card. Inside I added some fun pictures of the kids as I tried to get one perfect shot to add. I’m just beginning to work with photo templates, and my personal card took about 4 hours to create.
I hope I love them when they arrive at my house!
I made a sticker to match – the 2009 version of “Christmas is Love”.
Shooting Star Christmas Photo Card cardShooting Star Christmas Love sticker
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  1. 12/02/2009 11:31 pm

    How cute! And I couldn’t agree more with the message.

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