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My Seashell Collection and ID Pages


Take a winter break and check out some seashells!

For those who don’t know, I lived in central Florida from 1979 to 2005. Over the years I traveled to Sanibel Island and Fort Myers a couple of times (wish it could have been more) and went to New Smyrna beach hundreds of times – it was only a 30 minute drive.

The kids and I collected numerous shells and I brought a selection back to New England when I moved here.
I’ve been photographing them for a couple of years now for my Beachcombers and Sandpiper Wedding online stores, but recently I began to “study up” on them.

I have a Squidoo lens that identifies some and I am still working on others! I am by no means a scientist and could possibly have made some mistakes, but what I found once I began to search for the names of my shells was that there is not much good information out there, at least not all in one place.

The  information I have found is very limited. So I am trying to consolidate sea shell pictures and info for others who are interested in seashells.

This is what I work on in my spare time. :)

Sea shells

Some of my seashells and sand dollars

My Seashell information links:

Blog: Seashells by Millhill (This blog was started as a way to advertise my Beachcombers store, and is also the place I add seashell identification information and occasionally other beach related posts.)

My new blog for beach weddings: Sandpiper Wedding (Brand new store and blog just for weddings. I needed to separate the wedding items from everyday shell products. I will be concentrating more on this one as summer approaches)

Seashell Identification: (my Squidoo lens with pictures and info and lots of links to more shell information. This page gets lots of views and is one of my most popular lenses at Squidoo. I am in the process of creating off-shoot pages for each shell type because the lens page is becoming too full.)  I recently created a short QUIZ about shells.

Now I must get downstairs to fill the wood stove.

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  1. 01/24/2010 12:50 pm

    I love sea shells! Have a jar of them for display. I’ve many of those in your picture. I wish i could say i collected them all myself (well, i did, but with $$ not on the shore). I don’t find CA beaches the best place to find shells.

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