Make Time to Play With Friends

As I was working today in one of my online stores at Zazzle, I came across an old card I had created a while ago and it made me feel a bit sad, but also contained a good message.
It contains a photo I had taken of my little, old dog, which was taken back when I lived in my own home and could go out and “play” in my own yard. I had been playing fetch with him, which was his favorite thing to do, and snapped a picture of his crazy looking face.

It still makes me smile to think about him shaking the stick, like he was some sort of tough guy, and I’m reminded of how horrible his breath was!  It was REALLY bad….even after getting his teeth cleaned.

Dog Party Invitation Postcards postcard
I remember how much I loved to get some exercise by throwing a ball or frisbee or stick for him to chase. I called him a little bullet, because he’d take off and run so fast after whatever I’d throw. He’s bring it back but never all the way to me. He’d drop it, when I’d say “out”, just out of my reach. For some reason he liked to make me take a step or two and then pick it up to throw again.

He was a goofy looking dog that came from the pound. My daughter chose him because he was so small and cute. But he was so noisy! He never stopped howling the whole time we were at the shelter, and I tried to change her mind, but she wanted him.
The shelter had named him “Wimpy Willy” and we believe that the entire place must have jumped up and down for joy when he was adopted!
My daughter named him “Rolly” after one of the puppies in the “101 Dalmations” movie, and he lived with us for 16 years.
I miss him, but I’m so glad I always made time to play with my friend.


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  1. Mattenylou says:

    I play ball with Newman several times a day, whether I want to or not… how can ya say ‘no’ when he drops the ball at your feet, all excited?!? Nice that you have 16 years of doggy memories, they certainly are part of the family.


  2. Swisstoons says:

    Hi Pam! I really need to visit your blog(s) more often. I think that the reason they are so interesting and compelling is because you invest something of yourself in every posting.

    You deserve each and every visitor you get, and then some. No one who does visit will feel he or she has been cheated by clicking on your link.



    1. Hi Tom, thanks for the visit and nice comment. I think you should visit more often too 😉


  3. We DO need to make time for all kinds of friends. I’ve been guilty of not doing that lately, it just seems like I haven’t had any time, but I’ll try to remedy that.

    I loved stopping by for a short visit.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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