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Making Apple Ties


I know it’s still mid-summer, and we’ve had a hot one here in the northeast. The garden vegetables are loving it and the blueberries are ready to pick earlier than usual, but the ticks have been bad this year and I have yet to find a small air conditioner that will help with the afternoon heat that builds up in the house.

tie with apples

Apple Season

Today is a less humid day that reminds me of the Fall season that will be here before we know it. I savor every day in fall and I hope it is a good one without rain and wind to whisk the foliage away before it’s time.

My main store at Zazzle contains mostly seasonal photography and I took a break from making fall wedding items to add a few “apple ties” to my shop.

I drew this little apple last year and have messed around with it in the paint program to make a few seasonal ties. It has taken some practice to create decent looking ties since they are tiled and can look blocky if not made the right way.

My favorite place to pick apples is in Hancock at Norway Hill Orchard on top of a hill – which is where many orchards are. The view is fantastic and there is nothing like a crisp, juicy Macintosh apple right off the tree.

Find more places in NH to pick apples.

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  1. 07/26/2010 10:44 am

    Really cute tie. 🙂 My hubby only wears one once or twice a year (for a Karate tournament he has to work at) & when he does, they have to be very conservative – blue. If he wore them more maybe they’d be a fun sense of style for him. But, maybe my dad . . .

    We had our own apples last year. Due to a late frost/freeze there will be no apples this year. But there is a sheltered valley not far from here where you can go pic your own apples. Maybe we’ll do that this year. We’ve been having summer weather, but not unbearable. Even so, the nights still are usually just below 50. But by mid-August i can always feel the cool fall chill in the air. Summers don’t last long here.

    Hope you survive your heat.

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