Time to Photograph The Hydrangeas

hydrangea shrub
Blue Hydrangeas

I was outside yesterday photographing the hydrangeas for making new products to sell in my wedding store.

This year the flowers are very different looking. For one thing many of the blooms are smaller than last year and I don’t have any that turned that bright blue that everyone seems to love.

But I am getting some odd colors on the one in my yard. As the blooms age I am seeing pink and that light greenish color on some of the heads.

I haven’t uploaded my new photos yet and will probably do that today, and I was hoping for some white flowers to photograph – maybe in a neighbor’s yard, but that didn’t happen.
I was talking with an online friend who lives in Canada and she was kind enough to send me a couple of her white hydrangea photos to use. She also mentioned how the hydrangeas didn’t do so well this year.

I have been meaning to get some of them cut to dry too. Last year I hung them upside down in the window of my bedroom and they dried out nicely, although I think they have to have plenty of water before being cut.

Blue Hydrangeas

hydrangea flowers
2010 Flowers
blue hydrangea
Last years bright blue flower

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  1. Honestly, I’ve worked with them forever and used them in wreaths, weddings etc., but have never found the ONE way to dry them. Mostly I cut them in the morning and slip them into vases filled with cool water. Then I kept them in the vases till the water evaporated.

    Good luck,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


    1. Hi Sharon, I’ve heard of drying them that way too. I might try it with a couple this year. So nice to hear from you!


  2. Thomas says:

    Beautiful! That picture you took last year is amazing. You should definitely consider framing it. Unfortunately, our hydrangeas have done nothing this year.


    1. Thanks Thomas, but I know you are too busy growing your amazing veggie gardens to worry about the hydrangeas.. 🙂


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