Fog on the Lake


I don’t often drive my son to school, but he didn’t get his Math homework finished in time for the bus this morning, so I drove him. No, he doesn’t usually do homework in the morning, but it’s a long story…. anyway, I brought my camera along and as we came to the lake the sun was just shining above a fog bank that had formed on the lake.
My son thought it was so cool that he didn’t even make fun of me taking pictures while I was driving (I slowed way down and there was no one on the road). He is usually mortified when I aim my camera over the steering wheel. In fact he would make fun of me for saying “mortified”. “Who says that?” is his famous line for me. I am not hip, as he is always saying and I reply that I am not trying to be. It’s kind of funny.
So what do you think of the fog?

Fog on the lake
Early Morning Fog


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  1. Swisstoons says:

    Wow! Great pic. I’ve never before. seen the sun hiding behind a fog bank like that. A very unusual effect. If you had told me that what I was seeing was a waterfall and the mist rising up as the cascade of water hit the lake, I would’ve believed you.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Lovely. We were mesmerized by a similar fog bank/mist over a field near the lake Sunday a week ago. Unfortunately, we were running late for church, & didn’t have the good camera with us.

    Such a site. How wonderful of you to do such a great job catching it. 🙂


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