New England’s Foliage, October 2010

I have seen this red tree in the afternoon sun and it is breathtaking! But I happened to have my camera in the early morning when the sun was not hitting it.
It’s still pretty and the orange one beyond is also nice.

Fall color in New Hampshire
Red and Orange

The Fall colors are at their peak right now and will most likely be less after our rainy and windy nor’easter that is coming through tomorrow.
The picture below was taken by the lake, also in the early morning. I was worried about this Fall, but it has turned out to be just as spectacular as all the others. I guess the hot, dry summer didn’t affect it.

fall foliage
Early Morning Sun on The Colorful Trees

The photo below is one of my favorite type to take. The bright red and yellow leaves against a blue sky make the most fabulous colors for a photo.

Fall leaves against a blue sky
Fall Against Blue

I hope you’ve enjoyed this great Fall season as much as I have.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Swisstoons says:

    All three of these pics are beauties. But…Wow!…that one at the bottom would make a fantastic poster. It’s really something!


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