The Fall Season Is Passing

Maple leaf on green moss
Maple Leaf on Moss

I’m about finished with my Fall photos for this year. Many trees are bare already and although there is still color to be seen, it’s on it’s way out in my area. It did seem to last longer than usual, to me anyway, and it’s always sad to see the color fade.

I’ve been using my photos to decorate my Squidoo page and make new postcards and mugs for my store. I don’t create too many posters, but I had to use one my favorite photos from the season to make this print and I added a frame from the Zazzle selection.

It’s fun to play around with the mats and frames that Zazzle offers, but adding them for purchase is way too expensive for me. If you are interested in this print without the expensive framing, just refresh the page once you click on the image below. The price will be a lot more manageable.

I took this photo as I was driving home from my son’s school one morning. This spot at the lake is one of my favorites and I have taken many photos from this same place. On this morning, the fog was just clearing from the lake. Oh how I would love to live on a lake. But, I am blessed to live near the lake so I get to see it as I drive by each time I go somewhere.


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  1. Swisstoons says:

    Wow! You are an artist with that camera of yours! And you’ve picked the perfect frame for “Fall Lake With Fog,” too.


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