Odd Things I’ve Sold Recently

My seven stores contain products for all times of year including many holidays and sometimes items will sell that make me scratch my head. I am grateful for all sales and appreciate all my customers, some of which return over and over, like the woman in Alaska who returns to buy my Alaska postage stamps and other items with the Forget-Me-Not state flower.

Alaska State Flower Postage stamp

I recently sold a pack of Halloween business cards to a gentleman in the United Kingdom and although Halloween was over nearly a month ago, I am glad he found the holiday related cards to purchase in November.

Ghostly Blue Halloween Business Cards profilecard

Shamrock ties and other items that sell out of season either show poor planning or great planning by the purchaser I suppose. Behind or ahead, it doesn’t matter. I’m always happy to see a sale notice. Thanks to everyone who has purchased from my shops.

Shamrocks on Black Tie tie


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  1. Swisstoons says:

    It’s no wonder those products sell. There’s a real charm to each one. That Alaska stamp somehow seems exactly right for Alaska. How did you know that forget-me-nots and Alaska go together? I would never have thought the two would go together so well. You must’ve done some research.
    I think I may have remarked on the product page how great those little spooks are. I’ve been a cartoonist for a long time…and I would’ve been impressed with myself if I had been able to capture “spookdom” as nicely, as simply and as cutely as you’ve done on that business card. And as for that St. Pat’s tie, I’ve got several shamrocks design in my shop…but none look as snazzy as that tie. Great job on all three items!


    1. Thanks Tom. I happen to love your shamrock designs.


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