Shopping For Unique Calendar Gifts

Florida seashells photography calendar
Unique Calendars for 2011

I can always count on receiving a unique calendar as a Christmas gift. It has become a tradition that a certain family member gives calendars each year. I sometimes buy one for myself too, just because I don’t always receive the exact one I’d like!
I have had a page, or lens, at Squidoo for three years now which features some of the best calendars created each year at Zazzle.  It’s the Unique Calendars For 2011 page and most of the year the page gets few views, but at this calendar-buying season it’s a popular lens and is presently coming in at #2, just under my Seashell Identification lens which has always been my #1 page there.
What does all that mean? Well, Squidoo is a place where anyone can write about whatever interests them and there are hundreds of thousands of lenses, or pages, on the site and my Unique Calendars lens is currently placed at #3,481 overall, which isn’t too shabby in my opinion. If I updated it more often, like I’m doing now, it will rise in the rankings.
So I promote my favorite Zazzle calendars there in hopes that some very artistic people will sell their calendars this year. I’m so nice! Well, actually there is something in it for me because Zazzle will give me 15% of the sale if I was the one who sent the customer to purchase the item.
Click on any of the links in this post or start at the Zazzle Calendar page to pick out your perfect gift for much less than usual.

There is still a 40% discount available through December 17th using code: 40CLNDRS2011.

More links to Zazzle calendars to help you find a popular category:
*Tropical Calendars
*Animal Calendars
*Comics and Cartoon Animals
*Fantasy Art Calendars
*Scenic Landscapes

Or go to my Unique Calendars page and scroll down to the red box for more calendar ideas and to see the ongoing sale info.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Swisstoons says:

    I’ve visited that lens of yours and would recommend it to anyone shopping for gifts calendars. You’ve got a great selection ranging from beautiful photographic ones to funny cartoon ones to themed calendars on subjects like American history, animals, faith and more. Great stuff!


    1. I think it really is a great place to begin calendar shopping!


  2. That’s a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ok, a little off topic, but I love the advent calendar one of my best friends sent me this year. It is large and the entire calendar is composed of book covers of antique Christmas books. IT IS A KNOCKOUT. It came from the Bodleian Press in Oxford.

    All joys to you and thanks!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


    1. Hi Sharon, that advent calendar sounds wonderful and since you are a writer it’s a perfect gift for you. I hope you have pics of it on your blog..?? Merry Christmas.


  4. Lisa says:

    Great idea for a lens! I added my Pick Your Own Holiday calendar to the list of links — not sure if this is of interest to you, but it’s certainly unique. 365 days of fun and strange holidays (in addition to the usual ones) – so if you know anyone who needs an excuse to celebrate, should be an interesting gift.


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