Where’s The Snow?

snow covered mailbox
Last Year's Snow

This is a photo of my mailbox from last winter and as you can see we had quite a bit of snow. I don’t remember the date of this photo, but I have other pictures of my son outside playing in lots of snow that were taken December 9, 2009. In fact I don’t remember having as little snow as we have now in past 5 years I’ve lived in New Hampshire. We didn’t move here until May of 2005 and missed the big winter storm that year.
We have snow covering (almost) the grass and as long as it doesn’t warm up, I guess it will be here for Christmas so we’ll officially have a white Christmas. Truthfully, I don’t look forward to shoveling the piles of snow that slide off the roof, so my back will have a break for a while.
How is your yard looking? Will you have a white Christmas where you live?



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  1. Swisstoons says:

    Your photo of that mailbox sure captures the feeling of a Northern winter, alright. And it sure works on that “We’ve Moved” card over there in the right margin. Could there be a better moving announcement card for a family who’s moved to, say, Florida, California or Texas? Nothing like rubbing it in for the friends and family left behind! Hahaha


    1. Yes, I used to be like that when I moved to Florida. I enjoyed telling everyone how sunny it was every day. That’s what I was thinking too, when I made the card. Thanks Tom.


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