Enjoy Coloring Seashells While Helping Rescue Animals

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How can coloring seashells help rescue animals?  Well, seashells are homes to mollusks which are animals and well, here is my story of how the two met.

I don’t do much writing about seashells here at my New England blog because my shells came from Florida beaches.  I have another blog that is all about seashells where I have discovered that many people love free coloring pages of just about any kind and of course that includes seashells.  So I began making coloring pages.  That part was easy.  Then I had to learn to make them clickable so they would look okay to print out.  That took me a little while and some trial and error.  My regular job at Zazzle kept me busy so I only worked on the coloring pages here and there, but I finally made it easier to get a good looking page – I hope!

I have a few links at my Seashells by Millhill blog, but the ones that work best are at my Squidoo page, Seashell Coloring Pages.  I’m still working on making links to the articles on my blog, so a reader can also learn about the shell if they want to and I’ve tried to have a real photo of the drawn picture for reference.

This is how I made the clickable links.  I drew the picture of the shell, an outline for coloring, and then saved it in my pictures file.  Next I uploaded it to my PhotoBucket account and I guess you can do the same at Flickr but I don’t have an account there.  Then I used the html code to make the link to the printable page and put that link on my Squidoo page.  Easy right?  What took me so long? ha!

Here’s the great thing.  Not only do you get free coloring pages for your kids or classroom, but every bit of money earned on that page from ads, Amazon sales, etc. goes to a charity.  The Buckhawk center is an animal rescue run by a very busy woman named Susan and she began this year by asking for help from her fellow writers as she tries to care for her furry friends.  Squidoo is known for its dedication to helping charities and many people stepped up to help Buckhawk by sharing their earnings this way.  Currently my coloring pages is in spot #2 in my list of my 44 pages at Squidoo.

Here’s that link again: Seashell Coloring Pages

Want to know more about Squidoo? Read about writing for your favorite charity here and of course you can write to earn money for yourself.  The Getting Started on Squidoo lens is the place to start.

So grab a few coloring page printouts by clicking the link above, and help some deserving animals at the same time.


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