This is A Lot Of Snow!

lots of snow
This was before the last foot of snow fell.

I took this picture looking out my front window toward the steps leading to the front door. That was a few days ago and we have since had another 8 or 9 inches fall and then a couple inches of slushy stuff today. Not to mention that the roof dumped it’s load just this afternoon. In fact I am heading outside with my son to shovel, even though I am not quite over the flu. This is the most snow I’ve seen here in a while.

The problem is that there is no easy way to shovel it when the mounds are as high as me. In fact I usually throw it and then watch it tumble back down into the path behind me. At this point I am just trying to keep the doorways clear and a path shoveled for the oil guy to make his delivery hook up at the side of the deck. I always find it difficult to show snowfall well in photos. It helps to have a person standing beside the piles I suppose, but there was no one to do so.

The new plow guy did do my mailbox this time, which was a very unexpected surprise. Digging out the mailbox is one of the most difficult jobs. In fact my son is annoying me so he will be shoveling alone while I make supper. That is an even better idea.


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  1. Swisstoons says:

    Still kinda pretty at this stage. Slush is another matter, though. Any downed wires from that 9-inch slushfall? I wonder what the chipmunks find to eat with this much of the white stuff on the ground.


    1. The chipmunks are hibernating but the squirrels are busting down the doors looking for food – even after they finish off the seed I’ve put out for the birds.


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