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Trying To Keep The Birds Around, But…

squirrel eating

Squirrel Acrobatics

Instead of birds flocking to my yard this Spring, I mostly have squirrels doing acrobatics on my feeders so they can chew up the seed.

Without many plants and flowers in my new yard, I wanted to keep the bug-eating birds here by offering them seed, but the gray squirrels take over and help themselves. They are funny to watch. Before I got this shot, this guy was holding onto the metal pole with one foot and the feeder with the other. By the time I got the camera he had changed position and was happily snarking down the sunflower seeds, upside down.

Oh, and I had a bear walk through the back yard the other evening. I suppose he was looking for the seeds too. All feeders were in, thank goodness and he headed back into the woods as soon as he came.

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  1. swisstoons permalink
    05/11/2012 9:22 am

    Half thief; half clown. Gotta love squirrels.
    Is he saying grace?

  2. 05/12/2012 6:16 pm

    I’ve yet to find a bird feeder or pole that the squirrels couldn’t master, so I gave up several years ago. I do my part by maintaining good bird habitat and lots of water, but I sure wish I could have a bird feeder. (Of course I could have one…IF I wanted it to double as a squirrel feeder.) You’re more generous than I am!

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