This is a Beautiful Week for Enjoying The New Hampshire Outdoors

cat lounging in the sink
Get Up and Get Outside!

Here in New Hampshire we are having a gorgeous weather week with temps in the 80’s and 50’s (at night). With sunshine and low humidity, who could ask for more?

It’s a great week to get outside and hike, kayak, swim (brrrr) and pick local berries.

I am planning a trip to my favorite little mountain this week to see what I’ll find for blueberries. Pitcher Mountain is easy to climb and has fabulous panoramic views from the top. This time of year the place is loaded with blueberries – I just hope they are blue by now.

A box at the small parking area asks for a donation for the berries, but it’s not much, so you can find some wonderful berries to can or freeze up for winter (sorry to use that word).

If we decide to go hiking, we have Mount Monadnock and Pack Monadnock (smaller) close by in the towns of Jaffrey and Peterborough in the southern area of the state. And if my son was younger we’d take another ride up to Ruggles Mine in Grafton.


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  1. swisstoons says:

    Hope you find your share of wild blueberries. Sounds like fun. By the way, I bet you paid a pretty penny for that cat bed with the built-in shower. I wonder if they make those for humans. Probably out of my price range anyway.


  2. Can’t wait to be back in New England. Thank you for this!!!



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