Bring the Kids to New Hampshire

Newfound Lake
Newfound Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While writing my page for the Wizzley contest:  Things to Do With Kids in New Hampshire I discovered some places right here in my state that I had never heard of, like Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Saco River.  Never heard of it, and I’m sure I am not coordinated enough to try it, but what fun!

I no longer have little kids (kinda happy about that) but I remember coming up to New Hampshire from Massachusetts for vacations.  We had a little travel trailer and stayed at Newfound Lake camping with friends.  We also hit Six Gun City, Storyland, and Polar Caves at some point.  I did not include those places in my article.   I was more interested in finding great outdoor places to visit since this state is very nature oriented and beautiful.  But I included a few science centers as well.

I also didn’t want to forget about the older kids and teens who are harder to please when it comes to vacationing.

I know that there is more to NH than what is on my page, but I tried to cover a variety of attractions and locations.  Click on the link above and let me know what you think.  By the way, I am now entered in the Wizzley contest and I could win money!  I’ll post here if I do …. $$$$$


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  1. swisstoons says:

    Enjoyed your Wizzley piece. Good luck in the contest!


    1. Dustytoes says:

      Thanks very much!


  2. Fun things to do indeed. Kids and kids at heart will truly enjoy them. Beautiful post!


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