Autumn Colors / Honey Cowl Pattern

How I Knit This Cowl

This cowl was knit based on the Honey Cowl free pattern download found at the Ravelry website.

I used Madeline Tosh yarn in autumn rust and gold colors. Tosh Vintage “Firewood” and “Liquid Gold” were used as well as Tosh DK in “Brick Dust”.

I chose the size 10 circular needle for a looser stitch. (The pattern calls for size 8.)

I varied the colors beginning and ending with ‘Firewood’. Stripes were done with ‘Brick Dust’, putting only a couple rows of Gold in the center of the two wide stripes.

Knitting the first and last rows creates a rolled edge. The stitch is very simple and done by slipping a stitch for one row and knitting the alternate rows.

More info can be found at my Ravelry projects page where I go by the name Dustytoes.

This last photo shows the wrong side of the cowl, which has a nice bumpy texture.

My Notes on the Finished Project

The yarn is very nice, but I do love Malabrigo yarn and I think it is softer than the Mad Tosh. I have used both (in fingering weight) to knit a shawl recently, and the Malabrigo is definitely better.

Another type of yarn, like part cashmere would be nice too.

I would make the cowl longer so it’s not as tight around the neck. This free pattern (link above) comes in two sizes and I chose the longer one. Next time I would add some stitches to the cast on.

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