Where to Find Free Knitting Patterns

Pinterest is one of the best online places to find free knitting patterns for everything from hats and scarves to shawls and blankets. For the beginner knitter, this is a wonderful thing.  Many links will take you to the Ravelry site, a place where serious knitters show off their projects.

When we are not sure of our knitting skills and mainly need practice, starting a free, simple project is less stressful. I feel that I can make mistakes and learn from them. Free offerings are usually pretty basic. Pattern designers will often pull you in with something free from them. They hope you will enjoy their free design so much that you will come back and perhaps purchase one of their patterns.  And that would be a nice thing to do.

A free pattern download also gives you an idea of how that designer presents the pattern. Is it written well with helpful advice along the way? Are there written directions as well as a graph to follow? Are photos, or images of the finished item included?

Once I felt more comfortable with my knitting, I began to gather some projects to purchase.  Patterns are affordable, and I don’t mind paying for some designer’s hard work.  I will end up with a beautiful and unique item.

Free Patterns For Shawls

At the present time I am working on three different shawls. Two are free patterns, and one is a MKAL (Mystery Knit-Along).

The Spindrift shawl was a free pattern and is nearly finished. It is very easy to knit, with good directions.  I can recommend this one.

Chic and Strong Crescent Shawl at Ravelry
Onete Scarf at NobleKnits
Reyna Triangle Shawl at Ravelry
Larch (small shawl) at Ravelry
Boneyard Shawl at Ravelry
Wrapped in Elegance at Ravelry

Also, see two more free, beginner shawl suggestions on this post.

Free Patterns For Socks

I have never knit socks, and I really can’t understand why so many people knit them. One day I may decide to knit a pair, and I’ll choose one of these free patterns to try.

Basic Socks
Hermione’s Everyday Socks
Vanilla Latte Socks
Espresso Shot Shortie Socks

Free Patterns For Hats

Once you get the hang of knitting in the round, you may fall in love with knitting hats. It really is easy, with the only tricky part being the decreases at the top, which requires using DPN’s (double-pointed needles).

Classic Cuffed Hat at PurlSoho
Snow Day Hat (link takes you to the hat I knit, with link to PurlSoho)
Sockhead Slouch Hat
Top-Down Earflap Hat at PurlSoho

Knit Small Items to Try New Stitches

Once you have knitting and purling down, stretch that knowledge by learning yarn-overs, knit 2 together, more types of increases and decreases, and other stitches that may show up in more advanced patterns.

One great way to build up your knitting skills is to try various stitches, or a combination pattern to create a lace look. The Bromefields site has written patterns and videos for the Top 34 Lace Knit Stitches.

Maybe you will find a stitch you love and convert that into a scarf or wrap. When I began doing the Fisherman’s rib, I fell in love. I’m now making my second scarf in this stitch, using the chunky Rasta yarn by Malabrigo.

I have scoured YouTube and pulled together some of the best basic knitting tutorials for various stitches you will probably need to know at some point.

See more of my collection of How To Knit videos at my Pinterest Knitting Boards.

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