Not Happy With Quarry Yarn


Recently I purchased two skeins of tweed Quarry yarn from Harrisville Designs.  I’ve been looking for tweed yarn in dark colors to knit hats for my boys.  The company is located in New Hampshire.  The tag notes that the yarn is “sourced” in Wyoming, “spun” in New Hampshire, and “dyed” in Pennsylvania.

I purchased “Obsidian” and “Slate”, which are black and gray.  The colors are nice.  The yarn is not very soft, but I had hoped that it would become soft after washing.  However, I can’t even get this yarn onto my needles without it coming apart!  I’ve tried twice to start a hat in the round, and any pulling on the yarn (unless you are super careful) will cause it to come apart.

This is what happened when I tried to tighten the yarn on my needles.

So I finally had the cast on figured out and had just joined the yarn in the round.  I went to tighten it up, and it came apart.  I can’t knit with yarn like this.  Apparently this type of yarn does this, but I wish I had known.  I spent a good amount of money on this yarn and I am not happy.  I will have to figure something out to use it for, but it will have to be something simple where the yarn is not tugged at all.  Maybe a felted item would be best.

I’m happy to support home-grown yarn, and I used to live near Harrisville in New Hampshire, so I was excited to buy this product.

I’d love to hear suggestions from knitters who have used Quarry yarn.

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