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The book, One Quiet Night, by Donna Robie has a New Hampshire setting.  It’s about a “murder in New Hampshire” and I bought it for this reason to read on my Kindle.  The reviews were good, although there were only a few of them.  I now believe they were written by the author’s friends, as this book stunk!

I nearly did not finish, and I flipped through the pages toward the end, determined to get it over with.  I hate to just stop without seeing how things end up, but honestly I didn’t care.

The couple who lived in NH and ran an Inn in the White Mountains were not likable from the start.  They nagged their kids relentlessly, which turned both the son and daughter away.  Both of their children were derelicts, and there was no love lost between any of them.  So right away the characters are unlikable.

Then we get a taste of Eddie, who is revolting.  He insinuates himself into the runaway daughter’s life, and things go downhill for all of them from there on out.

But the book becomes tedious as the murder investigators become involved and we are forced to read, over and over, the thought process of the lead investigator.   Every time I turned a page I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.  It was monotonous and I couldn’t see the point, since we already had the truth from previous chapters where Eddie admitted to what he’d done.  There was no suspense, just ridiculous drivel coming from the mind of the investigator.

I’ve read some horrible books, and this one is near the top.  Don’t be pulled in by the New Hampshire connection, as the book speaks more of Florida and the northwest, with apparently little any real knowledge of any of these places.  Thankfully, I finally finished it up last night, and felt compelled to create this warning.

The author’s profile mentions that she has “wonderful and gifted children” so she is adept at including unnecessary information when she writes.

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